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REUSABLE Turn2® Now Available! - Get Details


If you’ve been seeking an effective, low-cost solution for safe patient handling…look no further!

The Turn2® Turning Aid™ is an innovative new product for turning and positioning patients in bed that enhances quality of care while at the same time helping to reduce risk of injury to both patients and staff.

Disposable, Economical & Easy to Use!

Constructed from a specialized DuPont® material, the Turn2® Turning Aid™ is disposable, yet highly durable, and features a unique strapping system that gives caregivers greater control and flexibility to meet the everyday challenges associated with providing routine personal care. The “easy on, easy off” hook and loop closure safely secures the aid in place making it ideal for use in performing many of the high-frequency activities that have the potential to injure caregivers and cause bruising, skin shears and skin tears in patients.

Use it to…

  • Change clothing and bedding
  • Bathe patients in bed
  • Tend to injuries and wounds
  • Turn and reposition patients

Because it is so economical and easy-to-use, the Turn2® Turning Aid™ can be quickly and easily put to use in a variety of care settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care, hospice and emergency care environments.

Plus, the unique design means the Turn2® Turning Aid™ can effectively be used on patients of various weights and sizes even while working without the assistance of others if necessary – a great time saver for busy nursing staff and a special help to caregivers providing care to a loved one alone at home. Tasks that were once awkward or difficult to accomplish can now be completed much more comfortably and safely.

To find out more about the features and benefits of the Turn2® Turning Aid™, click here.


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Features & Benefits

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